Ryan Gander, Molly Soda, Cécile B. Evans, Eva and Franco Mattes, Imran Perretta, Keiken [Ft. Interview with Robyn Nichol]

This week we're discussing artist's websites and more specifically how artists are seen and present themselves and their work online. The artist's websites we discuss are Ryan Gander, Molly Soda, Cecile B. Evans, Eva and Franco Mattes, Imran Perretta, Keiken, nabbteeri, and Marc Horowitz. We also interview Robyn Nichol about her own internet presence and they way she navigates being an artist online.


Robyn Nichol - www.robynnichol.com



Ryan Gander - https://ryanganderarchive.com/


Molly Soda - https://mollysoda.exposed/


Cécile B. Evans - http://cecilebevans.com/index.php/activities/notes/


Eva and Franco Mattes - https://0100101110101101.org/


Imran Perretta - http://www.imranperretta.com/


Keiken - https://www.instagram.com/_keiken_/?hl=en


nabbteeri - http://www.nabbteeri.com/


Marc Horowitz - http://1833marcive.com/

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