Rhizome’s online exhibition We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces

On this week’s episode of Artists and Friends we review a new online exhibition by Rhizome and The New Museum who have partnered with Chronus Art Center, Art Center Nabi, and many others. The show is titled “We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces,” and it’s a new First Look exhibition of 10 commissioned works for WeChat and the web. Artists included are Raphaël Bastide, Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne, JODI, LI Weiyi, Evan Roth, Slime Engine, Helmut Smits, XU Wenkai (aka aaajiao), Yangachi, and YE Funa.

We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces - www.we-link.chronusartcenter.org

Raphaël Bastide www.evasive.tech www.raphaelbastide.com

Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne www.getwellsoon.labr.io www.tegabrain.com www.lav.io

JODI www.ICTI.ME https://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org/

LI Weiyi www.tom.weiyi.li www.weiyi.li

Helvetica on the Earth font - www.weiyiandfriends.com/practice2017.html

Evan Roth www.n22.230210e113.940187.hk www.evan-roth.com

Ted Talk - www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DSe4o45i3o

Slime Engine www.slimeengine.com/headlines www.slimeengine.com

Helmut Smits www.screentimeclock.net http://helmutsmits.nl/ 

Cutouts(naturally occurring branch compositions) - www.helmutsmits.nl/work/cutouts

XU Wenkai (aka aaajiao) www.t-h-e-s-p-a-c-e.com/welt www.eventstructure.com

Yangachi www.egovernment.or.kr www.yangachi.org

YE Funa www.drcorona.online www.funaye.com

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