EPOCH, Global Cows, SITE in.oscillation, Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Do it Project, and Sophie Bates on ilyd

This week’s episode is now out and we’re taking you through some new online exhibitions An online group show on the platform EPOCH titled End Demo. Featuring artists Jessica Goehring, Kara Joslyn, Erica Mahinay, Jake, Kean Mayman, Emanuel Röhss, Peter Wu. A digital collaboration called Global Cows featured on Conceptual Fine Arts and produced with brussels-based gallery Damien & The Love Guru. Featuring artists Vanessa Disler, Tiziana La Melia, Nina Royle, Lucy Stein, Charlott Weise, with a text by Sonia D’Alto. An online library of sound and text works on Site Projects called in.oscillation. Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Do it Project which is now on Google Arts and Culture. And finally an online sound exhibition space called ilyd which is currently featuring an artwork by Sophie Bates titled Hello/Goodbye.

EPOCH -https://epoch.gallery/

Jessica Goehring - www.jessicagoehring.com

Kara Joslyn - www.karajoslyn.com/home.html

Erica Mahinay - www.ericamahinay.studio

Jake Kean Mayman - www.jakekeanmayman.com

Emanuel Röhss - www.emanuelrohss.com

Peter Wu - www.peter-wu.com

Conceptual Fine Arts - www.conceptualfinearts.com/cfa/2020/05/05/global-cows-2020/

Damien & The Love Guru - www.damienandtheloveguru.com

Vanessa Disler - www.vanessadisler.com

Tiziana La Melia - www.tizianalamelia.com

Nina Royle - www.ninaroyle.co.uk

Charlott Weise - www.charlottweise.com

Site Projects in.oscillation - https://siteprojects.co/

Puck Verkade - www.puckverkade.com

Molly Fitzgerald - https://siteprojects.co/portfolio/afterglow

Claire Yspol - https://siteprojects.co/portfolio/an-exercise-in-being-present

Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Do it Project - https://artsandculture.google.com/project/do-it

Max Hawkins' Do it - https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/max-hawkins-max-hawkins/WwGJn7ISzGDcyA

Adrian Piper's Do it - https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/the-humming-room-adrian-piper/NgGGJENv9ObJvg

ilyd - www.ilyd.nu

Sophie Bates - www.sophiebates.hotglue.me

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